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The Radio School provides three main Radio Presenter Training & Radio DJ Courses for making a career in radio:


Core One : For beginners that have no technical or radio presentation experience:

Core Two : For those with limited radio experience and who want to move on.

Core Three : For fully and semi-professional broadcasters wanting an advanced training course.


Book a radio broadcast training course e mail here. All radio presenter & DJ radio courses begin at 9.45am and finish at 3.00pm. All radio school clients get a Radio Demo and Full Personal School Report. If you pass your Radio Course - you'll receive a a Radio School Diploma, useful for applying to stations as it'll show your aptitude & skills - See below. 

Join Rod Lucas and get to grips with his radio studio while learning how to use broadcast software. Find out how to make exciting radio with your personality, learn from a Sony Academy award winner with a proven track record in British broadcasting.

What The Radio School teaches you

How to prepare a radio programme.
How to use a broadcast mixing desk (self operational).
How to communicate 1 to 1 with your radio audience.
How to add original content to your programmes.
How to interview guests of all kinds.
How to deal with phone in callers to your show.
How to use digital play-out software in shows.
How to read station promos and adverts.
How to time and plan your programme content.
How to maximise your audience by what you say and how you say it.
How to really please programme controllers.
How to talk over music and different dynamic ways of making the sound sizzle.
How to deal with breaking news and being appropriate.
How to keep inside OFCOM rules (they're the broadcaster regulators) .
How to keep it short, sweet and to the point.
How to keep inside the law on what you can say and can't say.
How to programme music.
How to bring out your very own unique selling points.
How to voice track (recording a programme with no studio equipment, just computer and mic)


The Radio School Diploma

You'll need to earn 65 points or more in your radio course in order to pass and gain a Radio School Certificate of Excellence. Points are awarded in all sections of each course. In total a maximum of 100 points can be awarded.

80% and above - Pass with distinction. Shows exceptional learning abilities and can demonstrate all basic essential skills required. Shows great progress in what's been taught. A mark of 80% or higher is awarded when a candidate satisfies the requirements for a distinction, but only to an outstanding degree. 

65/80% - Pass. A good satisfactory pass, displays good radio course progress and student is able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic issues required.


See if you're cut out for radio presenting, you may wish to have a personal 1 to 1 Radio Presenter Assessment & Consultation Hour. Radio Presenter assessments & appraisals can be done on the phone or online, for more, go here and get into radio. Radio Presenting, Radio Production.