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If you think you've got what it takes to be a radio presenter, we'll help you find out. The Radio School based in Kent UK, specialises in helping people realise their ambitions to learn radio. Perhaps you want a career in radio - or change your professional career. Radio is bigger than ever before with new presenters coming to the fore all the time. We are the original Radio Trainers in the UK Established in 2000. 1 to 1 & Face to Face - also online Radio Presenter Training Courses.

To be successful you'll need determination, a thick skin and natural talent in communicating with the public. You'll need to be a ble to operate radio equipment and present shows in an entertaining way. You'll almost certainly need to bring original ideas and a super personality. So if you've got what it takes to be the next big thing in radio - we'll help you discover it. E mail The Radio School and book a Radio Course to move your life on.




"Radio is about connecting, entertaining, informing & adding to peoples lives"


"Radio has a very real place in the Twitter & internet society and requires very special people"


"It's about connecting, entertaining, informing & adding to peoples lives"



Your Radio Trainer has over 45 years professional radio broadcast experience. (First programme with BBC Radio Medway was at 14) Rod's personal 1 to 1 broadcast training is ideal for beginners or people who want to make a career change into radio broadcasting. He's an impressive record for getting new talent into broadcasting jobs. Rod's worked for BBC Radio 1 & 2, BBC Radio 5, BBC World service, Metro Radio, Capital/Invicta, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Kent LBC, Talksport & Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Network Radio & TV)

Rod is currently programming BSJ.FM (LDN) & Smooth Grooving Radio (LDN). He's also a freelance BBC  & Commercial Radio Producer/Studio Manager. He's a Sony Radio Academy award winner 'Best Produced Young Peoples Programming' won for BBC Radio.. He's worked at BBC Radio 1& 2, BBC World service, Metro FM, LBC, Talksport, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation & BBC Radio 5  Listen to Rod on "Getting into Radio" via this Rodcast

If you'd like to see if you're cut out for radio presenting, you may wish to have a personal 1 to 1 Radio Presenter Assessment & Consultation Hour. Online or telephone 150 (no VAT to pay) Look here

    What makes a good radio interview ? Watch Radio Coach Rod talking to Kevin Sowerby and find out. Also how to make focused programmes, how to plan music and how to use your voice.

You'll also found out what Kevin got  from doing the radio course with Rod. Kevin is now scheduled for the Breakfast Show on Radio Teesdale 102.1FM 105.5FM. (North East UK) 

Rod was recently asked by the BBC Academy (Production College) to talk about creating successful online radio & podcasts. Hear Rod talking about what makes a great online station and how you can make a successful podcast. Hear the interview here  


Learn Radio Presenting with The Radio School UK - Get a Career in radio and move your life on !